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Things to avoid before traveling abroad

Posted by admhostlab on February 8, 2020
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Many people make the same mistakes no matter how many years they travel. Most of them could ruin your holiday especially if you are travelling abroad. Of course, some of them can be avoided with very good planning.


You can see them in detail below:

You don’t have enough time between flights

It has happened to all of us to lose track of our first flight and end up missing the next one. Leave plenty of time between flights to make sure your vacation won’t start completely wrong.

Not bringing electrical adapters

Make your research, to find out what electrical outlets are being used in the country you are going to. Buy the right adapter and if you want to be fully organized, bring different kinds of adapters.

Stop planning too much

One of the most beautiful parts of holiday is the exploration. Stop making too many plans of what you want to see and enjoy the place without stress. Take the time to visit that place that caught your attention and relax!


One of the most common mistakes. It is very important to be able to move around easily and you’ll also save money by travelling light.

Bring cash in local currency

You will certainly need some money for your activities, for example to take a mean of transportation or buy something from local stores that don’t accept credit cards.

Be sure that you will be able to communicate via your phone

Before you travel, let your telecom and internet provider know that you will travel aboard and ask for specific settings that must apply on your mobile in order to make your connection fully operational. In you won’t be able to continue accessing telephony and internet via roaming, once you reach your destination, buy a local SIM card.

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