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Tastes in Mykonos

Experience the Unique Flavors of Mykonos

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste not only the Greek cuisine but also the Mykonian one during your stay in Mykonos! Greek tastes, such as souvlaki, tzatziki, mousakas, fresh fish are very popular but have you ever tasted mykonian sausage, ‘’louza’’ and ‘’kopanisti’’?

The paste smoked and boiled with wine or water and an herb of the pig, kept in its glove or in olive oil, was one of the most widespread ways of preserving meat since antiquity in Greece. This is called ‘’louza’’ and it is very popular in Mykonos and in some other Greek areas.

Louza is high quality cold meat with a mastic texture which becomes even tighter as long as it is baked. A taste of pure, not elegant and sweet, but with intensity and depth, salty with fat and the ‘’throumpi’’ aroma are some of its characteristics which make it a mykonian ‘’must taste’’.

Kopanisti is a spicy fermentation cheese, the most popular cheese in Mykonos, even if it is made also in others Cycladic islands. It is a soft white cheese of brine with intense spicy taste which is produced by any kind of milk or by a combination of them.

Mykonian people know very well the meaning of eating and drinking since in Mykonos ‘’Dionisos’’, the god of wine and festivity, was worshiped from ancient years until nowadays!

Mykonians know exactly how to celebrate, a glass of wine along with the Greek ‘’mezes’’ is an everyday habit. There are many restaurants and traditional taverns in Mykonos where you can enjoy Greek tastes and of course ‘’kopanisti’’, ‘’louza’’ and the mykonian sausage.