Risk management

 We take over all related financial risk. NO management fees, we invest in our commitment to deliver sound results and take pride of doing so!

Concrete On Line reputation

We invest both funds and effort in post stay surveys and enhancement of brand recognition.

5* Services for Our guests

Are only 5* hotel guests entitled to 5* service? We don’t think so! We guarantee top quality services regardless of the property’s official classification and commit to deliver them!

“Fresh” identity

At first we create the concept and then we make sure it is materialized. Your identity will be a tailored creation, highlighting your property’s unique character.

- Modernization of decoration

We absorb (or organize) all necessary decorative adjustments in order for the property to meet the pre-set requirements, according to the business plan.

Solid Branding

Branding from scratch or well targeted rebranding! We build the hotel audience and ensure that the right steps are followed.

Next generation Sales distribution

We invest time and effort in constant research on new market trends and resourcefulness on new distribution channels and directories.

Dig out your Revenue potential

Watch the value of your property grow year by year, while the amelioration of services is being reflected to increasing rates and guest satisfaction!

Manageable operation module

All vital operation departments will be handled under a tailored, technocratic and time manageable module of operation, ensuring reliability and building trust to the current and prospective guests

Effective Reduction of costs

We achieve massive reduction both on marketing & distribution and operational cost by planning and meeting manageable yearly cost budgets

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