About HostLab

Laboratory of Hospitality


After having invested almost 2 decades, serving local Tourism industry from various positions, both acting on behalf of major Tour Operators and well branded Hotels, managing sales, revenue, contracting and On Line distribution, and soon after a successful approach to blend both activities in a former corporate scheme, the “Hospitality Lab” was born, as a result of a personal need to create and as a distillate of years of passionate work.

  • Young, yet experienced
  • Passionate & devoted, yet open minded
  • Enthusiastic, yet realistic
  • Innovative, yet driven by service and local tradition
  • Skillful, yet well organized and operating in a technocratic approach

Our team is a well tuned Hospitality Orchestra at your service…

Co Founders

Fanis Poulimas | George Sotiropoulos

What We Do

Hostlab Ltd, the “Laboratory of Hospitality” is a brand new corporation in the local Tourism industry.

Its objective is to rent accommodation lodgings of various classification scales, short or long term, and take over so as to achieve what we call their “Rebirth”.

Our team’s Know-How and years of experience in the Tourism market industry, in combination with our constant quest and study of new market trends, together with our resourcefulness on sales distribution and our passionate and devoted work, create a dynamic managing tool, in service of our current and prospective clientele.

Having access to this service-pack, allows property owners to reclaim their property’s unique identity and uncover its hidden business potential.

Taking over from renovation, refurbishment, redecoration and amelioration of the level of services provided, to Rebranding, creation of marketing identity, innovative sales distribution and Risk management, we guarantee to deliver sound RESULTS!

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